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Hiring ecommerce talent: how many interview stages should you have?

Nov 25, 2019 3:47:54 PM

When it comes to hiring ecommerce talent, it’s so important that the right candidate can demonstrate the key skills and culture fit right from the beginning. As you move to make a decision, you should hopefully have more understanding of the people left in the running.

So, how many interview stages do you need to glean this information? While you don’t want to run the risk of making a hiring process too long, you also need to ensure you learn as much about these candidates as possible. After all, one of them will potentially become the newest member of your team.

We’ve collected some details as to how many stages should be included in the ecommerce hiring process and tips for each of our ecommerce specialisms!

Ecommerce interview process by seniority

When it comes to specific ecommerce jobs, or specific role seniority, it will vary when it comes to how many interview stages to include in the process. Of course, it sometimes depends on the urgency of the position and the business needs.

However, our quick guide below should outline the important stages and give tips on how you can set up your interviews!

Assistant to Manager level (paying up to £45,000)

We would recommend up to 3 stages for this group. For assistant/executive seniorities, we would even say the first two stages would give ample time to get to learn about their experience so far.

  • Stage 1: Telephone interview
  • Stage 2: Face to face interview with the hiring manager
  • Stage 3: Job offer or for management roles, a final meeting involving a task or meeting more members of the team

Manager to Director level (paying £45,000+)

With senior positions, there will be quite a lot of detail to go over. Furthermore, you will be having to show your company personality throughout, as these candidates will only be moving for the right opportunity.

  • Stage 1: Telephone interview
  • Stage 2: Face to face interview with the hiring manager
  • Stage 3: Face to face interview with additional people of importance or team members
  • Stage 4: A presentation or task which should challenge the candidates and get plenty of information out of them
  • Stage 5: Job offer

Ecommerce interview process by specialism

Here at cranberry panda, we work on a broad range of specialisms within the ecommerce industry. Each consultant works on a particular area, so they shared some insights from the processes they work on!

Digital Design

Digital design candidates across junior and senior levels will have a two to three interview stage process. These usually consist of a phone call, face to face and a task brief with a presentation.


Ecommerce management across the major sectors will involve a three-stage process. There is almost always a task involved or a chance to show past work also. There is not always a phone call stage, but more likely a few face to face stages and then a chance to meet direct line managers and stake holders depending on seniority. 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing processes will generally be about 3 stages. There is usually a phone call to establish experience and past work, where successful candidates will move on to the first face to face meeting. Following this, there may be a small task based on the role requirements or a presentation to show ideas they would bring to the team.

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing, for all seniority levels, will be on average a two-stage interview process. This includes a task that must be presented to stake holders involved or direct line managers.

Web & Data Analytics

Web & data analytics in ecommerce can include a few more steps. An important task to include is a test to ensure they possess the right skill set and a task specific to the business. This can form a 2 – 3 stage process followed by an offer stage.    

Ecommerce Contract Jobs

Processes for contract roles will not usually go past two stages. If the role is very urgent this could be a phone call then meeting, or a meeting and a decision. For longer fixed term contract roles or roles that could go permanent it could stretch to three interviews with a small task.

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