eCommerce Salaries - The 2022 Review!

Jun 23, 2022 1:31:55 PM

It's time for your annual review of eCommerce salaries! Every year, we release the eCommerce salary survey report and the 2022 edition is full of brand new insights.

We will cut right to the have salaries changed in 2022? In the last two years, a lot has changed. In 2021, we saw many people who did not receive a pay rise and weren't sure if they would in the year ahead.

Of course, the uncertainty surrounding work during the pandemic is a huge contributor. Let's see if 2022 and beyond hold better things in store for eCommerce professionals!

The average eCommerce salary

Average eCommerce Salary graphic

Great news to start us off! The industry-wide average salary has increased since 2020. Those working in eCommerce had the advantage of being in a digital industry - working from home was something easily set up. So, this allowed fewer people to see their roles affected throughout lockdown.

Pay rise or no pay rise?

eCommerce Salary Changes graphic

The eCommerce salary goodness continues! After only 43% of respondents saw a salary increase in 2021, we can now see a much higher figure this year. Even better, fewer people saw their salaries remain the same or decrease. Are those still waiting for a pay rise hopeful they will receive it this year? Let's find out...

eCommerce salary expectations for the year ahead

eCommerce Salary expectations graphic

There has been an increase in those expecting their salary to rise - it's great to see optimism restored! We truly believe this indicates that we as an industry have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. eCommerce experienced a boom during lockdown and we expect this to continue.

eCommerce salary benchmarks by job title

Across our eCommerce specialisms, we also delved into the expected salary brackets for specific job titles. Click one of the links below to explore your area of expertise...

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