eCommerce Salaries - which specialism has seen the most growth?

Oct 25, 2023 8:14:55 AM

We have been keeping up to date with eCommerce salaries throughout the year, thanks to our 2023 eCommerce salary survey & insights report! For the first time ever, we released a follow-up questionnaire in the summer to see what was changing as the year progressed.

While we saw some positive changes, we wanted to delve a little deeper. Our eCommerce job specialisms cover a wide range of skills and job titles in the industry, so it's important to monitor changes within these too! Explore below for our previous updates on our eCommerce specialisms...

Overall eCommerce salary increases

In our summer update, we discovered that 53% of eCommerce professionals received a pay increase since the start of 2023. This is a very positive figure, with the overall outlook of the industry showing positive growth.

As a result, we also saw the average eCommerce salary increase from £65,591 to £66,461. While it may be a small increase, it continues the trend of a steady increase year on year. Once again, it indicates great industry growth. As always, we encourage employers to take note of this to help with talent attraction and retention strategies

eCommerce salary increases by specialism

So, eCommerce salary changes have been positive for the industry overall. However, are there certain areas within eCommerce companies where this growth is not evident? Are management teams putting more investment into different pools of talent? Let's take a closer look...

  • eCommerce Management: In our Q1 salary survey release, we saw that 62% of eCommerce management professionals received a pay rise. In our Q3 update, this had dropped to 40%. 
  • Digital Marketing: In the Q1 edition, digital marketing respondents revealed that 57% of them received a pay rise. In our summer update, 59% of respondents had since received a pay rise. So, it seems pay rises for digital marketers have been steady throughout the year!
  • Digital Design & Creative: At the start of 2023, 83% of digital design professionals received a pay rise...the highest figure across our specialisms! At the end of Q3, 53% shared they saw their salary increase. This is not too surprising, considering such a big number received a pay rise at the start of the year.
  • Web & Data Analytics: 79% of Web & Data analytics shared that they received a pay rise in our Q1 salary update. Our respondents in the summer update showed us that 82% of Web & Data Analytics professionals saw a further pay increase. This definitely shows great consistency and investment into analytics salaries. 

As we can see, web & data analytics professionals have had a great year when it comes to pay rises. While digital design and digital marketing have seen steady growth, eCommerce management has not seen the same success. Are companies investing more in niche skill sets and overlooking the traditional eCommerce roles? 

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