Contracting in ecommerce - 2019 insights, part 1

Sep 12, 2019 11:30:12 AM

As we supercharge our ecommerce contract recruitment division, we thought it was a great time to share contractor insights from the ecommerce industry! Our 2019 ecommerce salary survey & insights report had more of a focus on contractors this year, so we’re delighted to be able to share these insights with you.

We have previously shared insights into contractor day rate, length of contract and the process of finding an ecommerce contract job, which you can find right here. However, we thought it was time to delve a little deeper. Compared to their permanent counterparts, are contract professionals happier with their work-life balance? Do they receive company benefits? What is essential to them when choosing a contract role? There’s only one way to find out…

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Overtime for ecommerce contract professionals

The ecommerce industry is fast paced and there’s always a new project right around the corner. Contractors often find that they will join an ecommerce team during a big project, so does this make a big difference to overtime and work-life balance?

Let’s start with overtime…here’s a breakdown of how much overtime ecommerce contractors complete in a week.

Overtime for ecommerce contractors

As we can see, the slight majority complete 2-3 hours of overtime a week, closely followed by the 28% who don’t complete any overtime at all. When we look at the overall results of our salary survey questionnaire, only 14% specified they did no overtime. Looking at overtime across our ecommerce specialisms, our contract respondents still have the biggest number of people who don’t do any overtime.

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Do ecommerce contractors have a good work-life balance?

Work-life balance in ecommerce has definitely been a big topic for us this year. With a bigger spotlight being cast on mental health in the workplace, and people embracing the power of switching off from work, it’s important to look at this in our industry.

  • 80% of our contract respondents are happy with their work-life balance
  • 14% aren’t quite sure if they have struck the right balance yet
  • 4% are unhappy with their current work-life balance

It’s great to see so many people who are happy with their work-life balance. Could it be that having more say on contract length, day rate and hours worked makes for a better balance between work and home?

Looking once more at all our ecommerce specialisms, this group are once again the most positive. Will we see a bigger shift towards contracting in the future?

More ecommerce contract insights are on the way!

It’s time to wrap up the first part of our ecommerce contractor focus…there’s a lot to fit in, so we don’t want to overload you in the first blog!

While you wait for part 2, head on over to our ecommerce contract recruitment page below and find out more about the team. You can also subscribe to contract updates or get in touch with the contract team!

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